1960’s Slang

Groovy! Boss! Hip! Happening! Nifty! Far out! Neat!: Cool! Awesome!

What’s your bag, man?: What’s your problem?!

What a spaz!: What a jerk!

Beat it!: Get outta here!

Blitzed: drunk, high, or out of it

Downers: sleeping meds

A gas!: a good time!

skirts!: girls!!

a drag: a boring person

Can you dig it?


Right on!!

Chick/Babe: a hot girl

Cat: guy




Films of 1967-1968

Here is a sampling of the top grossing American films for 1967 and 1968.  There is a big shift towards the hippie culture becoming commercialized in 1968.

Films of 1967:

A pulpy film of women and their pills:fp-1967-valleydolls

The Graduate: An unhappy housewife attempts to seduce a young, indecisive man. Cool Hand Luke: Luke intentionally gets himself arrested by cutting off parking meters. In prison, he refuses to align with the hierarchy enforced by the warden, “the man with no eyes.”


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Joanna returns home to introduce her parents to her new fiance, John Prentice, a black physician.  Conversations about society, equality, and racism ensue.britishquad160-2

Films of 1968:

Barbarella:  This wild hippy sci-fi film follows hyper-sexualized Barbarella on her adventures to save Duran Duran and Earth.


The Love Bug: Herbie, an anthropomorphic racing VW Bug.  Enough said.


Rosemary’s Baby: A young housewife gives birth to the anti-christ.rosemarys_baby

LIFE Magazine 1968

Boston University’s Mugar Library holds copies of the weekly American magazine, Life. There is a full book that encompasses every issue from April to June in 1968. The issues exhibit strong images and articles that may spark discussion, clarity, and inspiration.


This is an ad to encourage young men to join the Army. This is important because, during wartime, The Draft played a large role in collecting troops fight overseas.


This is a quote from an article titled, “Glamor Gets the Gate as the ‘Uglies’ Come Into Their Own” by John Hallowell. 



The three photos above are pulled from Albert Rosenfeld’s article, “The Psycho-biology of Violence.” The article’s subtitle reads, “A young science offers insight and a potential remedy for a worried society.”